About us

Prestige Elite Records Limited was formed in the United Kingdom in 1988 by founders Hal Shaper and Keith C. Thomas, who already had long music industry experience as publishers, songwriters, musicians and artist management.

Over many years now, the company has produced or acquired many recordings internationally in all genres of good music and continues to release finished product commercially and digitally worldwide.

The group is run by an experienced, friendly and long-serving team of staff of professional people who can handle all business requirements relating to activities of the group of companies and we are always ready and willing to help with any enquiry with an immediate response.

We are always interested in new aquisitions to expand our recording catalogue, productions and music publishing activities.

Our recordings are available worldwide for licensing to other recording outlets, advertising agencies or special product marketing.

This is our latest website which should guide you through all the genres of musical recordings we currently have available for finished product, as well as our full recording catalogue listing by genre, artist, album or tracklisting available upon request. All our tracks are digitally mastered or remastered.