Barbra Streisand – The Early Years – CDSGP2344


Barbra Streisand – The Early Years


1 When The Sun Comes Out
2 A Taste Of Honey
3 Happy Days Are Here Again
4 A Sleepin’ Bee
5 My Coloring Book
6 Have I Stayed Too Long At The Fair
7 Lover Come Back To Me
8 At The Codfish Ball (Take 1)
9 I’m Not A Well Man
10 Bewitched
11 Ballad Of The Garment Trade
12 I Had Myself A True Love
13 Miss Marmelstein
14 Soon It’s Gonna Rain
15 Status Quo
16 What Good Is Love
17 Doing The Reactionary
18 Not Cricket To Picket
19 Nobody Makes A Pass At Me
20 Four Little Angels Of Peace
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