Blue Beat Greats Volume 3 – CDSGP2103


Early Blue Beat Greats 1959 to 1962 Volume 3

Various Artists

1 Midnight Train Errol Dixon With The Blue Beats
2 Rock Baby The Wiggans
3 Leave Earth Derrick Morgan & Naomi
4 Jack And Jill Shuffle Theophilus Beckford
5 River Jordan Clancy Eccles
6 No More Wedding The Mellow Larks
7 Over The River The Jiving Juniors
8 Du Du Wap Aubrey Adams & His Dudroppers
9 Miss Rubberneck Jones Titus Turner
10 Bar Tender Laurel Aitken
11 Verona Jimmy Sinclair
12 Now We Know Derrick Morgan
13 My Sound That Goes Around Prince Buster & His Torch Lighters
14 Lonely Boy The Charmers
15 Darling Girl Satchmo
16 Mash! Mr Lee Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
17 Ba Ba Black Sheep C. Bird
18 Creation Lascelles Perkins
19 Honey Please Bobby Kingdom
20 Lover’s Jive Neville Esson
21 Georgie ANd The Old Shoe Theophilus Beckford
22 Sinners Weep And Mourn Owen Gray
23 Carolina The Folks Brothers & Count Ossie Afro Combo
24 Mama Shut Your Door Errol Dixon, The Blue Beats
25 Times Are A-Going Martin & Derrick
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