Tony Burrows and The Hit Squad-All The Hits Plus More


The Andrews Sisters – CDSGP2173

1 Beer Barrell Polka
2 Collegiate
3 The Song Is You
4 A Smile Will Go A Long Way
5 Barney Google
6 Tico Tico
7 Hooray For Love
8 Ferry Boat Seven
9 Keep Your Skirts Down, Mary Ann
10 That Naughty Waltz
11 Don’t Bring Lulu
12 The Japanese Sandman
13 Pennsylvania Polka
14 Aurora
15 Tulip Time
16 Younger Than Springtime
17 Rancho Pillow
18 Me, Too
19 Let There Be Love
20 Ti-Pi-Tin
21 Hold Tight (Want Some Sea Food Mama)
22 Last Night On The Back Porch
23 I Could Write A Book
24 Tea For Two
25 Shoo Shoo Baby

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  1. Tossin’ and turnin’
  2. Funny how love can be
  3. Lets go to San Francisco
  4. My baby loves lovin’
  5. When you are a king
  6. Carolina’s coming home
  7. Julie so ya love me
  8. In a moment of madness
  9. I’ve got you on my mind
  10. United we stand
  11. Where are you going my love
  12. Beach baby
  13. Love grows
  14. Melanie makes me smile
  15. Gimme dat ding
  16. Funny how love can be (version2)


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